The Very Special Events team is committed to each client’s success.

Nancy R. Walters, SCMD, President
Carmen Bjork, Office Manager
Cindy Hestand, Event Manager
Valerie Chan, Event Manager
Warren Chaumont, Event Manager
Christine Contreras, Event Manager
Heather Johnson, Event Manager
Beth Vanta, Accountant

Regional Managers
Leonard Anderson
Martha Banning
Victoria Bashenow
Judy Holmes
Sheila Jordan
Laura Davore
Lisa McBride
Dawn Miller
Dyne Sapp
Pamela Scheel

Field Staff
Thousands of professional event hosts, cosmetologists, hair stylists, estheticians, make-up artists, fashion show models, product demonstrators, story tellers, clowns, product samplers, costume character actors, emcees and all the other specialized people located in all U.S. and Canadian markets.